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Joel & Johanna Portillo


Getsemaní Church

A young church for people like you.

Welcome, we are a ministry in the area of ​​Maryland USA. With a message from God for these last days. We believe that the best day for your life is now and we declare the  skies open in your favor.



"Making a difference

in your


I was born in a Christian home in Ciudad Delgado, San Salvador; son of pastors Timothy Antonio and Ana Miriam Portillo. From my early age I met the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior whom I serve with my heart. I migrated to the United States at the age of 15 years old in the state of California and Los Angueles. At age of 22 I moved to the state of Virginia. In 1992 I married Johanna Portillo who I'm happily married. We have three children named Cesia, Joel and Gabriela.


I started attending an AIC Church in Washington DC and began working with the youth and mens group. As an active member of that church I graduated from the ITAIC Theological Institute in 1995. I finished my studies in 2006 with a degree in theology at Hosanna University in Washington DC. I projectied to finish my doctorate in Pastoral Psychology. I studied four years of technology in air conditioning and heating, graduating as a technician in controls and trade remedy.


I began to preach and support my pastor Margarito Coyoy as a teacher, assistant pastor and member of the board of trustees of the church. In July of 2000 I was summoned to a meeting with the Supervisor AIC East district in New York. Which entrusted the AIC Gethsemane Church, which is currently located in the state of Maryland. I was ordained to full ministry in 2005 in Chicago IL. In the Bethesda Church by the Assembly of Christian Churches Inc. the organization to which I am pleased to serve. 

 Joel and Johanna Portillo


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The Dunamis

Mined areas in the using of the altar

The power of afliction



The mission of Gethsemane Church AIC, is to promote the worship of God, evangelize to nonbelievers, make disciples of all nations and perform good social deeds, announcing the eternal message that "Jesus saves, heals , sanctifies, and is coming again."



- Procurar que nuestro miembros y creyentes de la congregación desarrollen un espiritu de unidad para la adoración a Dios.

- Trabajar en el área de Maryland ganado almas para Cristo.

Build our worship temple; Part of this vision is already a reality God give us 20 acres of land with 2 adjoining properties in 1700 - . 1704 Ednor Rd Silver Spring MD . 20904 and two houses and 1 multiple purpose building.

We work for

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  • Ensure that our members and believers of the congregation develop a spirit of unity for the worship of God.

  • Promoting theological and secular education.

  • Promote integral evangelization .

  • Train clergy and laity.

  • Convey our Pentecostal heritage.

  • Meet the social mandate of the gospel.

  • Prepare for the coming of the Lord.

  • Work in the area of ​​Maryland to win souls for Christ

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